Go back to whence we came

Top of the tree is "ANGUISH" THE GUIT(AR). Real name "SIR" he lives on the edge of darkness mixing up musical soup from old Blue-Note tunes.He is moistly Harmless!

Backing-up "ANGUISH" is JIMMY THE TWIDDLER. Blows his horn 'til he's drenched in sweat, this chap is a danger to himself and the audience. Don't mess with him, cos' he's already messed himself. Watch his Face, he will disgrace!

Along-side "THE TWIDDLER" hear FLUFF THE STUFF. SAX by name SEX by nature, this guy is the jukebox of inspiration for EASYCHEESE. FLUFF lives with a passion for Rave lovers and likes to convert them to Grave lovers.Potentially dangerous, don't rattle his RAGE!

Beware - Drummer

Behind "THE STUFF" the BIG-BASS-BOOGIE-MONSTER will leave you SPENT. Omar HAS 'D'Funk in his sole and there aint no hole in which it dont go.This fellow will make you Slide your hide, good times supplied, he IS the funk-guide.
Hot when ON.

Sharing the beat'n'groove with Omar is GROWLIN'GRUMBLE. Not much to say here cos he's the Drum. Thick skinned and empty inside he may not be the strongest swimmer in the fluid but he can still inpregnate your funky-egg with his rhythm spread.


Pacing the Keys with the Ease of a Wizard on Eeez Mr pEtE bRoWn will please alllll you monkeys in trees. Don't be fooled by the familiar sound of Mr P.Brown, his vibes tantalize and sychnronize, cooking pies of funk and scenting the breeze.He's commin' at ya with swirlin'toons that fill the rooms of your mind.
His Fluffy fingers feel the funk.


Naughty Nad, the lads' favourite, can be thought of as the bedroom interest in Easy Cheese. A position recently held by Jimmy the twiddler (explain the stain!) Nad's luscious looks and sexy sound add a certain droool factor to our Fromage Friends. Good times supplied Nad will put the glide in your slide and keep your juice loose.

Perc'y Paul known to the Easy Cheese collective as "Bongo-boy" has the percussive ingredients that make the unique Cheese sound fluid 'n' groove. Perc'y can often be observed at gigs rummaging in his bag, teasing out his tools, and shaking them in front of the audience. Some say they've sometimes seen several seeds spill from his South America shaking bean-pod. Perc'y or Bongo it's your choice, whatever the name his rhythms are moist.

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