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Thursday 15th Feb

7th April - The Maidens Head.

21st April - Simple Simon's

28th April - The Happy Frenchman (Folkestone)

30th April - The Maidens Head

5th May - Club Airlock (cancelled)

26th May - Simple Simon

16th June - Christchurch College Summer Ball

30th September - The Happy Frenchman (Folkestone)

6th October - Simple Simon's

9th October - Churchill's, Canterbury

23rd January - The Happy Frenchman (Folkestone)

2nd March - The Maiden's Head

20th March - Integrity @ Planet Studio

30th March - Simple Simon's

18th May - Simple Simon's

8th June - The Happy Frenchman (Folkestone)

29th June - SImple Simon's

23rd November - Simple Simon's

It was so refreshing to see a band with a style that took the audience at The Happy Frenchman by surprise. Lips dropped and pints quivered when a burst on the trumpet and shaking of maracas introduced the Saturday night band Easy Cheese.

The six piece team of talented musicians lived up to their name as smooth sounds oozed across the bar from a jamboree of instruments - trumpets, bass guitar, drums, flute, maracas and a piece of percussion which took me back to my primary school days. A ribbed wooden tube which when hit makes toad like noises.

It was fantastic. The funky sounds were unwelcomed at the start by sceptical drinkers, but a few pints later, people were pushing for dance floor space and echoes of "more" could be heard as closing time loomed.

The band were led by a female vocalist, who, despite having a good voice, was drowned out by the array of instruments taking the stage by storm.

Easy Cheese are well worth a listen for all musical tastes and ages if you fancy a change from the guitar thrashing and heavy bass sounds lining rock stages.

Clare Tapp

" Somebody buy me a BEER!"

- Jimmy Twiddler, Simple Simon's March 24th 2000

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